Regaining time

I have not posted much on many boards in the last few months because of a major project. I took my mother’s hand-written 300 page manuscript and transferred it to the computer, then scanned 100+ photos, re-touched them, edited the document (many times), laid it out in a page layout program. I finished making the last PDF yesterday – after spending an additional 15 hours over the weekend to meet my own deadline. Now for a final proof and I can send to the printers for printing/binding. I should have the proof of the whole book in 2-3 weeks, then hope to have all copies printed/bound by late May.

Doesn’t sound like much, but I have a 9 hours/day analyst position plus 2 hour commute; during this same time period I helped start a Bible College and taught half the courses, and I preach/teach 1-2 times per week in addition to that. It took 5 years – sending each section of each chapter to my mother to edit, re-edit, add more material. She has a diary entry for every day back to 1934.

I ended up using Papyrus XI (for Mac OS X, but also available for Windows), purchasing it in December. Originally I was going to use Word, but with auto numbering of photos, chapters, parts, etc. Word can become unstable. And I didn’t need that. It worked very well. And I made the PDFs directly in OS X – and the proof prints of some of the photos are almost as good as the originals.

So, I am relieved, excited, and just trying to regain a sense of time, sleep, etc. Now I begin preparations to teach several Biblical sessions at TAALC Convention in June.

Oh, and this week I am interviewing for a manager of analytics position…

Good thing I haven’t had too much to distract me. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Regaining time”

  1. filo,

    I just finished moving out of my house into a dinky little hotel room that I am sharing with wife and kids. I know what it is like to be busy.

    I am curious about this project you are working on. What is the essence of this diary your mother wrote in? Is it a spiritual diary or does it contain some mundane thoughts as well?


  2. Howdy, Scott. My wife and I have moved 27 times – the first 15 were fun; the last 5 have been difficult. So I understand the hassles of moving. Wish you well at the seminary.

    It’s primarily her reflections about growing up, family experiences, and some information about living in various eras (no indoor water/plumbing until she was almost 40, combing honey, being a high shool student in WWII, etc. It covers her life from birth until her youngest son left home in 1972. Not any focus on spiritual.


  3. Rich,

    I look forward to hearing from you after your convention. Is there any indication of the TAALC and LCMS coming together and using the CTS as their seminary?



  4. TAALC has been on the campus of CTS since last July, so it has been our seminary home for almost a year. The President and Admin of our Seminary are great guys (both retired military). You will probably run into them.


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