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Some thoughts on Jeremiah 23

Interesting parallels and chiastic structure in this section: 23:2a “You have scattered My flock and driven them away” (specific actions of shepherds) 23:2b “you have not attended to the sheep” (general indictment) 23:2c “I will attend to you” (general promise … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Jeremiah 14

Just struck me in my reading this last week, how we often jump to 31:34 as the new covenant, but fail to note the law’s preparation for that new covenant. Do we sometimes short circuit God’s work in our lives … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Jeremiah 9

I recently began another read through Jeremiah. So here are a few random thoughts that struck me. In 9:23-26 there is a pivotal text also referenced by Paul (1 Cor. 1:31). In 9:24 we read that Yahweh “practices lovingkindness, justice, … Continue reading

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Brackets and the Amplified Bible

Nick Norelli has a comment on his blog about adding theological bias to a translation by including words in brackets. I would say that it is even worse with the Amplified Bible. The Amplified Bible can give good insight into … Continue reading

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Relationship between Theology and Worship

 Nick Norelli responded to a question about whether theology affects doing church, specifically worship. Here was my initial response. From a Lutheran perspective, theology and worship are intimately connected. Thus, justification by grace through faith is not only the pillar by … Continue reading

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