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Traveling is fun, but gets old

I am on my sixth extended trip since Easter, and have a few days left on this current one. I thoroughly enjoy my work visiting pastors and congregations. But the travel sometimes can be a little much. Heard a sermon … Continue reading

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a few more books…

these books represent significant influences in the forming of my theological understanding and heritage Continue reading

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Five Important Books

Nick Norelli tagged me with the book meme. The rules of this one state that I’m supposed to list five books that influenced the way I read Scripture (this will be books outside of Scripture). 1. Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran … Continue reading

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This topic came up on a forum. Here is my response to the topic. Regrading a liturgical form to use, that is relatively easy. This is where we can learn from the church catholic (not the RCC exclusively) on this … Continue reading

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Ten days on the road and I’m going to make it home tonight

Title [sort of,… six days] of a David Dudley trucking song many years ago. But also descriptive of me today. I’m sitting in the Sacramento airport waiting for the flight home, after spending 10 days in the area. It was … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Thanks to Nick, I have set up a WordPress account. I hope to have something here by tomorrow afternoon/evening.

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Pastoral Formation

Big topic, difficult subject, but so necessary. As we look at Pastor Formation, one critical element is often overlooked: mentoring. Let me explain. At our Lutheran seminaries, each student studies two years on campus, with an assignment to a local … Continue reading

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