Ten days on the road and I’m going to make it home tonight

Title [sort of,… six days] of a David Dudley trucking song many years ago. But also descriptive of me today. I’m sitting in the Sacramento airport waiting for the flight home, after spending 10 days in the area. It was a good visit, including preaching at two churches and the regional convention, and visiting five pastors.

On June 7 I preached on Isaiah 6:1-8 (Trinity Sunday). The majestic, all powerful God condescends to forgive Isaiah and prepare him for his prophetic ministry. On June 14 I preached on Psalm 122:1 (I rejoiced when they said to me, “Let’s us go to the house of the LORD.”), focusing in particular on the worship environment. My sermon title: “The Liturgy of S[p]orts,” using a basketball analogy.

And now I am tired, ready for some sleep, before my next trip begins on Saturday.


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