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Jesus had compassion on them

For the Gospel reading this coming Sunday (Lutheran Worship pericopes), we find Jesus demonstrating that he is indeed the shepherd who would accomplish the Father’s will. In this pericope (Mark 6:30-34), Mark uses this word (ἐσπλαγχνίσθη “he had compassion”), and … Continue reading

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Who really deserves the Honest Scrap Award?

Who really deserves the Honest Scrap Award? I have been tagged by Kevin Sam . Since I was on the road this past week I just saw his post. I’m supposed to tell you 10 HONEST things about myself and then nominate 7 … Continue reading

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Hearing Jesus Speak into My Sorrow – Initial Review

Special thanks to Christy Wong of Tyndale Publishers for providing me this review copy of Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow by Nancy Guthrie (and Laura Bartlett for suggesting the review program). I could not read this as other books, … Continue reading

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Pastoral Care Under the Cross — Book review

This relates to the post yesterday (stripping away the non-essential), and this book approaches the issue from the perspective of the pastor. (originally posted in Aug 2007). Pastoral Care Under the Cross: God in the Midst of Suffering Richard C. … Continue reading

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Stripping away the non-essential

This past week in ministry has demonstrated how fragile life can be. A good friend faces monumental changes in ministry due to physical problems. The physical devastation is matched by the hidden, yet just as serious emotional and mental struggles. … Continue reading

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Update on NLT 24/7 Bible

I have been using the NLT 24/7 Bible for daily devotional reading several months. As noted in my initial review, I would be challenged because I travel so much. It is not an easy Bible to take it with me. … Continue reading

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Woe is me! … Send me!

Isaiah 6:1-8. Have you noticed the dramatic turn-around in this call of Isaiah? It is also a dramatic call for us. We are surrounded by “reality TV,” which looks nothing like real life. News and entertainment often are indistinguishable. We … Continue reading

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