Update on NLT 24/7 Bible

I have been using the NLT 24/7 Bible for daily devotional reading several months. As noted in my initial review, I would be challenged because I travel so much. It is not an easy Bible to take it with me. There are many good features (as I and others have noted) about this Bible. However, my conclusion is that the NLT 24/7 Bible just isn’t practical for me.

Author: exegete77

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2 thoughts on “Update on NLT 24/7 Bible”

  1. Rich, I think the chronological 24/7 NLT seems to be the size of a regular bible. If it gets any smaller, it’ll have to be a pocket bible.


  2. Howdy, Kevin. Actually it isn’t the height or width that is the problem, but rather the thickness of the 24/7. It is an awkward size to try to fit into my computer bag. Keep in mind that with traveling so much, my laptop is my office, so everything has to revolve around that computer bag (my one carry-on bag).

    Thus, the 24/7 NLT is 5 ¼” x 7” but it is 1 ⅞ inches thick. On the other hand, I have a NKJV that is 6×9 but only ½” thick. I can easily include it and small notebook about the same size (width and height) and together they take up far less room than the 24/7 NLT. And the print is larger of the NKJV is larger and doesn’t have the bleed through problem that 24/7 NLT seems to have.

    (Note: this comparison has nothing to do with comparing the specific translations, but rather with the physical dimensions of the products.)


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