NLT Study Bible – Update

A few weeks ago I was asked to fill in at a Bible study on Philippians. At the time I didn’t have access to my normal library at home. But the NLT Study Bible was still handy. So I thought this might be an appropriate “test” of the Study Bible, to see whether I could get enough information on the one section to feed my thinking process about how to teach it.

Sadly, the NLT Study Bible just didn’t make the cut for this purpose. I was looking at 2:19-30. At least the general footnote for 2:19-24 included the references to Paul’s first missionary journey. But the three of the next four footnotes were not all that helpful:

2:23 What is going to happen to me here possibly refers to the outcome of Paul’s trial.

2:24 Paul had confidence that he would soon be freed from prison and be able to visit the Philippians (see 1:19, 25-26).

2:27 Epaphroditus’s recovery from a nearly fatal illness is attributed to God’s mercy, both on Epaphroditus and on Paul, who was already suffering in prison.

None of these footnotes add anything to what a cursory reading of the text itself would provide.

So, this is disappointing to find almost no additional insights through the study helps in the NLT Study Bible.

Author: exegete77

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2 thoughts on “NLT Study Bible – Update”

  1. I plan on spending some time exclusively with the NLT study bible to get a better feel for it. So far, I have really liked the ESV study bible, but not the ESV translation itself.


  2. I hope to use NLT Study Bible more to experience a few others books of the Bible to see if there is a difference in the quality of notes.

    I look forward to the Lutheran Study Bible with ESV (by CPH, due in Oct). I am not a fan of ESV either, but from the samples I have seen, this will be the best study Bible available.


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