The people of God… today

Between prep for travel and now on the road for 15 days, it makes it hard to blog.

Visiting congregations is very rewarding. People in smaller congregations can feel overlooked, forgotten, ignored. By visiting them on-site, preaching, and teaching, and allowing questions, we can bring a small amount of assurance to them. They are not forgotten. There are no unimportant congregations. They have a critical role in presenting Jesus Christ to the world around them. God has placed them in that spot for this exact time.

Yesterday, I preached on Psalm 122:1 “I rejoiced with those who said: ‘Let us go up to the house of the LORD.’” What joy the believers in the OT had when journeying together to offer sacrifices, but more importantly to receive the forgiveness of sins. Even the dedication of the temple in 1 Kings 8 highlights the forgiveness of sins as crucial to God’s dwelling presence with his people.

May God continue to bless his people, in congregations, large or small. May they rejoice when they are invited to go to the house of the LORD.


Author: exegete77

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