New Editions of GW

I purchased two more editions of God’s Word to see what they were like.

Ignite Bible (for outreach).


Size: 8.25 X 5.5 X 1
Pages: 1,140
Case Quantity: 14
Font: 8.5 point type
I like the cover, and the binding is well done, which should serve the users well over time. For outreach I would have preferred a little larger font (perhaps my age). But the pages are such that they have little bleed-through. Overall, a good outreach Bible.

Handi-Size Text Onyx Black Duravella

Size: 8.25 X 5.5 X 1
Pages: 1,140
Case Quantity: 12
Font: 8.5 point type
I have a leather GW Bible that is quite a bit larger. Good for reading, but not as handy for using in teaching/preaching. Thus, I wanted to see how this particular Bible filled that role. I like the size and the feel. This is the first Bible I have owned that has the Duravella cover, very smooth, supple, a good feel in the hands. Again, I would have liked the font to be larger, perhaps 9 or even 9.5, but then the size of the Bible itself has to increase.

I am now using it for carrying on road trips and even for bed time reading. Pleasantly surprised by how well I liked this Bible.


New site for God’s Word

Baker Publishing has put up a new web site for God’s Word translation. Take a look: God’s Word web site

I think this will help GW gain some visibility. Somewhere they noted that sales of GW has gone up 57% in the past two months.