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Bayer, Oswald Bayer. Theology the Lutheran Way. Edited by Jeffrey G. Silcock and Mark C. Mattes. Lutheran Quarterly Books, 2007, pp. ix-x (Editors’ Introduction):

One of the great merits of Theology the Lutheran Way is that it convincingly demonstrates that the modern split between theory and practice — along with the other bifurcations of post-Enlightenment rationalism, such as the antithesis of public and private, inner and outer, theological scholarship and church spirituality — is foreign to the Reformation as well to the scriptures, and misrepresents the nature of Lutheran theology.

What then is theology? This is the question that Oswald Bayer, Luther scholar and professor emeritus of systematic theology at the University of Tübingen, sets out to answer in this book. His answer, which is also Luther’s answer, comes as a shock to most Lutherans because they have drunk deeply from the wells of Protestant modernity. But the water in these wells has been poisoned by the streams of modern secular thought.

Much more of value in this book. Worth the time to read and digest.


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