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Prison Quote

It was granted to me to carry away from my prison years on my bent back, which nearly broke beneath its load, this essential experience: how a human being becomes evil and how good. In the intoxication of youthful successes … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on studying the Biblical text

In all sciences, the ablest professors are they who have thoroughly mastered the texts. A man, to be a good jurisconsult, should have every text of the law at his fingers’ ends; but in our time, the attention is applied … Continue reading

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Advent OT Readings

The four Sundays in Advent present Isaiah’s prophecies regarding the coming of a Savior, or Immanuel, “God with us.” Nov. 28: Isaiah 2:1–5 “The house of the LORD shall be established as highest… God shall judge the nations … O … Continue reading

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Reformation Heritage

From Charles Porterfield Krauth, The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology, p. 14. The Reformers knew where their strength lay. They felt that what had redeemed them could alone redeem the Church. They saw that, under God, their ability to sustain … Continue reading

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Preparing Pastors

Helmut Thielicke wrote in his book Encounter with Spurgeon concerning the training of pastors: For Spurgeon the really determinative foundation of the education of preachers was naturally this work on the spiritual man. The education of preachers must not be … Continue reading

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“The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church”

This talk by Rod Rosenbladt needs to be heard by everyone, pastors and laity alike. Scroll to the bottom to listen or download the mp3 file. The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church Pass this along.

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Discipleship #5

Regular Use of Spiritual Gifts: Many seem to think that speaking of spiritual gifts is almost “un-Lutheran.” Nothing could be further from the truth. According to Peter’s first letter every Christian is a priest. The Reformation was founded on that principle. … Continue reading

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