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Wow! What a week we had in St. Louis! Dr. Richard Eyer, Rev. Steve Unger, and Nancy and David Guthrie spoke about Pastoral Care and Care of the Pastor. Exceptional presentations, Biblically right on target, and spiritually and emotionally engaging people who are not afraid to speak of the tough issues of life without yielding to sentimentality or despair. We could not have asked for better presenters or food for thought. Watch for further summary statements in the AALC magazine, The Evangel (http://www.taalc.org/Publications.html — Nov/Dec issue).

I had reviewed one of Nancy Guthrie’s books on Amazon last year (Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow). I was impressed by her down-to-earth approach to suffering, which was reflected in her approach to Scripture. Having now met her in person and hearing her speak, I have even greater respect for what she has endured, but even more, how she holds herself to the Word of God in assessing all that has happened. In other words, the bigger perspective of Scripture overshadows our individual troubles and issues, no matter how devastating the circumstances.

Well done, Dr. Eyer, Steve, Nancy, and David!


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