Rest and Relaxation

We are traveling throughout the southeast, and dodging the storms. We have been visiting our son, DIL, and five grandkids. Tomorrow the second oldest celebrates her 15th birthday. So we will stay through tomorrow, then head home. What a great trip this has been. We needed the time away. And how much better can it get than for seeing loved ones!

I should do this more often!


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One thought on “Rest and Relaxation”

  1. We got home about midnight, 900 mile drive. We dodged storms all the way home, and only had a little rain in one place. There was some excitement on I-24 in northern Tennessee, after a tractor-trailer rolled. It was carrying highly flammable and toxic liquids, and they evacuated cars for quite a distance. They closed both north and south bound lanes for up to 10 hours. Thousands of trucks and cars trying to navigate one little two lane back road. No one was hurt! But the delays made for a longer than expected day of driving.


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