Rough start to a trip

I fly to NYC tomorrow, week of preaching, teaching, meeting, etc. I enjoy these trips. But yesterday as I came in from mowing the lawn, I stood up too fast in the garage and cut the top of my head. The pain was instantaneous (as usual), but this time it was more.

The swelling started and my entire head has hurt for two days. Even now just to lay a cool clothe on it hurts. In my seventh decade, this is the worst I have hurt my head. Does this mean I am reverting to childhood, again, early???

This could be an interesting trip. I just hope it doesn’t cause me any more trouble.


Author: exegete77

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5 thoughts on “Rough start to a trip”

  1. Thanks for the prayers. I managed to do well with teaching yesterday, and preaching and counseling today. But my head still hurts a lot. I took two Advil this morning because it was hurting more, and still sensitive/sore to touch.


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