1 Peter 2:2-10

Identity of a People

In light of yesterday’s non-event, many people are looking for another way to minimize or discount the Christian faith. Peter understood that was a similar circumstance in which the first century Christians lived. What does it mean to be the people of God?

Humble (“you were not a people”)

Babes who needed to grow in their faith and trust in God

Stones, which God is building up

God’s own special possession

Proclaimers of God’s wondrous acts of deliverance

Peter points them to the foundation of their faith, hope, and future, namely Jesus Christ who is the cornerstone. He, too, was rejected, despised, and abandoned, but he overcame all that stood between God and humans: sin, death, and the devil. He did it for us. And we are now the people of God. Not a bad identity!


Author: exegete77

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