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The Ministry of Encouragement

As I reflect back on the posts about liturgy, worship and brokenness, I have also tried to see ministry in that context. There is a book by Paul Moots, Becoming Barnabas: The Ministry of Encouragement (The Alban Institute, 2004) that seems to fit … Continue reading

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The Sermon on the Mount – Law or Gospel?

The literature covering this text (Matthew 5–7) is extensive, to put it mildly. My concern here is simply how do we understand the essence of this text? Traditionally, Lutherans have looked at it as the fullest statement of Law, showing … Continue reading

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The Hard Part of Father’s Day — but the Best Part

Father’s Day has always been hard for me. I wasn’t close to my father. We conversed when we were together but we never connected. He died 20 years ago last week (June 9, 1991, on my mother’s birthday). Our strained … Continue reading

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Bluegrass — My Heritage

I began playing guitar 49 years ago this month. I learned from three pickers who began playing in the 1940’s. It was bluegrass, but also some music that is called old timey. My grandfather was born in 1872 and learned … Continue reading

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So who won?

If you look at web sites and TV shows regarding last night, you’d think that the coverage implied, no, demanded, that Miami won. Why? Well, look at the headline photos. So far, I have not found one that has Dallas … Continue reading

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NIV 2011 — Acts 3:21

There are some pasages in the Bible that function as a sort of litmus test about how well a translation handles it. Acts 3:21 is such a passage. Depending on how the translators view the text, it can reinforce a … Continue reading

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Vacation … sort of

Yes, it is good to get away, providing you can get away. Family, friends, and more work than I anticipated. We spent time with our mothers in Minnesota, which was nice; ~200 miles north of Minneapolis. Both mothers are aging … Continue reading

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