Vacation … sort of

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Yes, it is good to get away, providing you can get away. Family, friends, and more work than I anticipated.

We spent time with our mothers in Minnesota, which was nice; ~200 miles north of Minneapolis. Both mothers are aging (in their mid 80’s, I guess that happens!), but still alert and willing to try new things. I also visited twice with my brother.

I also got to see about 25+ of my high school classmates, none I had seen since June 2, 1967 (except for 6-7 last Thanksgiving for our first unofficial reunion); yep 44 years changes us! Because of jobs/travel, etc. I have never made it to any official reunion. This was great fun!

I never realized how old these people have gotten, not the pry, active, athletic, energetic people I remember so well from a few years ago! Well, except I look in the mirror and I was sure that there was hair on top of my head last week?!? And how did my chest muscles become excess baggage around my middle??? Anyway, this turned out to be a splendid time. The originally estimate was maybe 10 people would show. Even with three hours of visiting, I didn’t get to speak with some of them except to introduce myself as that balding, pudgy guy so they could remember what I “really look like!”

And there was work, too. Most of it enjoyable, but still work. I finished the last two nights of teaching Hermeneutics from hotel rooms. Sadly, the Comfort Inn lost all internet connection half way through the last night of class. The hotel never did get internet access back while we were there. We still finished because we are using teleconferencing not through the internet; the others could see each other though. Great class, and good participation.

Then I had the privilege of meeting with an LCMS pastor for 3 ½ hours. Good discussion and proved helpful for both of us. Look forward to further contact.

Yes, it was a vacation after all, especially considering it was 95° when we arrived home yesterday.


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