NIV 2011 — Acts 3:21

There are some pasages in the Bible that function as a sort of litmus test about how well a translation handles it. Acts 3:21 is such a passage. Depending on how the translators view the text, it can reinforce a Reformed view of “Christ’s presence” (“Since Jesus must remain in heaven he cannot be corporally present [in the sacrament]”).

Notice the change in NIV from 1984 to 2011. I think that NIV 2011 is the better translation in this place.

Acts 3:20b-21

GNT: ὃν δεῖ οὐρανὸν μὲν δέξασθαι

NIV 1984: He must remain in heaven

NIV 2011: Heaven must receive him [Jesus/Christ]

NAS 95: whom heaven must receive

NKJV: whom heaven must receive


Perhaps a minor change, but it seems to be closer to the Greek text.


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