Thanksgivings: #31-40

31 Safe move from Kansas City to southern California

32 Great help unloading the truck

33 Comfortable bed and hospitality the first night in California

34 Cell phones – the ability to talk to family, now across the country

35 My wife’s wonderful ability to unpack, organize, and get ready to entertain visiting pastors and wives this week

36 The turnout of people for our first Sunday morning Bible study (on Matthew)

37 Publicly acknowledging a baptism of a high school student that I performed at the National Youth Gathering a month ago

38 Supportive and loving people in the congregation

39 Macbook Pro that has endured 150,000 miles of travel in the last 3½ years and still a workhorse

40 iPhone… yes, we have limited cell phone coverage in the mountains. One spot is in our house (but not the deck out of the living room!).

One thousand gifts

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