More on Matthew’s Genealogy

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Matthew 1:2–17

As we look at 1:2–17, we notice that there are three sections (14 name sin each). So the division is: Abraham to David / David to deportation /deportation to Jesus. Notice that the second separator refers to an event not a person. Hmmm. What might be the reason for such a difference?

Do you notice anything else about the transition from the second to the third list? What is unique about Jeconiah? How does he relate to the deportation?

Also, as one comment noted (thanks, Dean), why does Matthew include the reference to four women, but with the fourth, he only notes “David was the father of Solomon by the wife of Uriah.” Matthew does not identify her by name, only by title. So why would Matthew do that?

Well, further thoughts for munching on.


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