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The Post(s) I Couldn’t Write

For quite some time I have wanted to write a post (or series of posts) about adoption. My wife and I adopted two brothers from Korea 33 years ago. And yet, every time I began to write, I stopped… or … Continue reading

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Liturgy — Brokenness, Forgiveness, Praise

I originally posted this on 03/31/2011, Liturgy—Brokenness, Forgiveness, and Praise, and it seems fitting on this day after Christmas. Liturgically it is also Martyrdom of Stephen. ================================================ After posting about “Liturgy — Response to Forgiveness,” I reflected a lot about … Continue reading

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My Favorite Blogs 2011

The Greatest Gift Moving into Christmas week, we receive the greatest gift of all, God’s very own Son took on human flesh. He lived, ministered, died, and rose again so that we might be right with God. How can it … Continue reading

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Isaiah 9:5 in NABRE—on second thought

Recently I purchased the newly revised NAB Roman Catholic translation, now called NABRE (New American Bible—Revised Edition, 2011). During the Advent midweek services I have explored the titles of Isaiah 9:6 (9:5 in Hebrew and in NABRE), with the final … Continue reading

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Mark 1:4 and the NLTse —really?

The New Living Translation (second edition, abbreviated NLTse) at times is a good translation. It provides an accurate reflection of the underlying original language text and does so in understandable English. But then… there are times when I shake my … Continue reading

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Advent: Prepare by Repenting

Advent is my favorite time of church year. A new beginning. And who could do with that? Sadly, the rush to Christmas of society infects us as Christians. We begin singing Christmas hymns and songs even as the house still … Continue reading

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