And the battle with depression

…continues. I traveled this past week with all day (and evening) meetings, so little chance to post. I appreciate everyone’s responses (mostly offline) to the posts on depression; many people have emailed and others have spoken to me face-to-face about their own trials and struggles with depression. If even one person is helped by what I have written, I am glad that I could help. Paul’s encouragement of 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 is right on target.

It is amazing that some of the things I wrote about in the posts have come back again in real life (triggers that surprise!). So, the challenge and battle of depression is a constant reminder of how much we are dependent on God’s grace and not our own strength. I am doing better than I was 3-4 weeks ago. Thanks, also, for my wife and a couple friends who are supportive and good listeners.

For those struggling with this, I pray that God will bring the right person at the right time with the right words to speak words of hope and comfort in Jesus Christ.


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6 thoughts on “And the battle with depression”

  1. 2 Cor 1: 3-7 is a big comfort to me. Also, 1 Peter 5:7. We have such a mighty God. Thanking Him for His grace and Mercy and asking for the strength to carry out His will. Another great article, Rich.



  2. So glad for the update… you have been on my mind!
    Continued prayers for you! May God uphold you and sustain you through every means possible!


  3. As you are discovering, it appears that depression is something that some of us face for possibly a lifetime. It comforts me to know that I am not alone in this battle. It is especially comforting to know that some of the Bibles greatest figures suffered from depression: Elijah and David.



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