Some good memories

After reading Emily Cook’s post today I am reminded how quickly our grandkids are growing up. So, here are just a few photos as reminders, from our visit in April 2011.

Cindy and I surrounded by the five grandkids April 2011


Alexis and Aaron, Jr.
Arthur and Addison
Amber and Grandma at school

And of course, Aaron and Amanda!

Aaron and Amanda

“The days of our lives… are soon gone.” Psalm 90

We love you all. Blessings and thanks for the fun memories, just a short 10 months ago.


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7 thoughts on “Some good memories”

  1. Grandkids are such a joy – and I’m only 2 months into this whole thing! :o)


  2. What sweet smiles . . . families are so precious to us . . . thanks for sharing yours with us


      1. Yes, indeed; we are proud grandparents. We love our son and daughter-in-law; aw, we love the whole kit-and-gaboodle. And the grandkids… well, they have me wrapped around their (not-so-small) fingers. 🙂


  3. Great to have the love and sharing of those memories, a few months down the road and we will get to start the next series also.


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