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Review: The Names of God Bible (GW)

A few weeks ago I happened to be in a Christian book store and noticed a new edition of the God’s Word translation. Of the meaning-based translations, I think GW is generally the best (better than NLT), despite a couple … Continue reading

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Still here… working behind the scenes

I have several posts that have been brewing in my mind. Here’s a sample: 1) Review of NIV 2011 translation 2) Review of Names of God Bible (GW) 3) Review of The Wisdom of God (part 4 of series Seeing Jesus … Continue reading

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The Church is disconnected —and doesn’t know it

That’s a rather strong statement! Before rushing to judgment about it, based on your assumptions of what it means, take a moment to consider what I am saying and why. What am I not saying by this? This is not … Continue reading

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Searching for the church — Part 2

In this third part of searching I look more at the issue of “the faith,” that is, what is the content of what a church actually teaches and preaches. The first part of this series is 15 Reasons Why I Came … Continue reading

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