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Why do we exist (as a church)?

Sometimes we lose sight of why we exist, especially in the Church. As a follow on to the previous post (“What does it mean to be Lutheran?”) this post looks at the vertical relationship between God and people. And as … Continue reading

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What does it mean…to be Lutheran?

Over the past three decades I am often asked what it means to be Lutheran. What do Lutherans believe? What is most important? How does that work out in practice? This is just a brief introduction to those questions. Despite … Continue reading

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The real world meets Law and Gospel

The real world makes it a little harder to properly distinguish and apply Law and Gospel. How would you respond in this scenario? First, let’s look at a passage about forgiveness. “For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your … Continue reading

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When to confront…when to comfort

In the past few posts we have looked at Law and Gospel, as a lens by which we can see God’s Word. Properly distinguishing between the two is critical. But it doesn’t take too long for a student of the … Continue reading

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