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The “missing saints” revisited

I had posted briefly on this topic about a month ago. Today I would like to explore this further. In Bible class yesterday we looked at how NIV 2011 translates the Greek ὃι ἅγιοι (traditionally “saints”). We looked at the … Continue reading

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4 Translations: “You got rhythm” Part 2

In the last post I looked at NIV 2011 and ESV regarding oral reading and public use in worship. Now I turn to HCSB and GW. As a starting point, I want to provide the introduction to the previous post: … Continue reading

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4 Translations: “You got rhythm”?

So far in this discussion about the four translations we have examined word choices, sentence structure, “meaning,” etc. But another critical aspect of translation usage for a congregation involves memorization and liturgical use. Let’s be clear, all four translations can … Continue reading

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4 Translations: Two implied words

We communicate with words… and implied words. What difference can two implied words make? Check out 2 Corinthians 5:17. This seems like a rather trivial example of translation change. In fact, it seems to be about what is implied in … Continue reading

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“Sacred” Texts pt 2: Psalm 23

Along with the Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23 is the best known text in the Bible, even among those not in the church. It is a passage of hope and comfort, especially in the darkest of times. For many, hearing or … Continue reading

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