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Which is harder to believe?

That was a question I asked in the study guide we are using for the Old Testament Survey class. It refers to whether we find it harder to believe the Law— “I am not guilty of that!” or to believe … Continue reading

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Prayer at the deep end

Prayer What is your prayer life like? I mean at the worst of times? Is it leisurely talking with God or gasping for air? Over the years I had read about other peoples’ prayer lives. I marveled because they are startling … Continue reading

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Too Close, Too Hurtful, Too Important

I write this not as medical person, nor a pastor, nor as disinterested third party. I write as a father, a participant, a sufferer, and in a sense a target. It is not pleasant, and there are few bright spots … Continue reading

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Translations—Preliminary Evaluation

We have covered quite a bit over the past three months regarding four translations. I spent nine weeks discussing each translation in Sunday morning Bible class. So, I thought it appropriate to provide a preliminary evaluation of each translation. We … Continue reading

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What does this mean… to be Lutheran?

(Originally posted here 06/15/2012) Over the past three decades I am often asked what it means to be Lutheran. What do Lutherans believe? What is most important? How does that work out in practice? This is just a brief introduction to … Continue reading

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4 Translations—More Comparisons

This post offers a few more Bible passages to compare the four translations: NIV 2011, ESV, HCSB, GW. I offer no comments on each instance. Note that * indicates a preferred translation of the underlying original language text.  

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