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Give thanks with a grateful heart

As I reflect on life and especially at this time of year I see how easily my heart is hardened. Oh, not in the obvious outright ways we tend to think of hardness. But in the small details of not … Continue reading

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Global Study Bible (ESV) — Part 2

In my first part I looked at the physical features (design, payout, fonts, etc.) of GSB. Overall, very positive. Today I want to explore the content of GSB (again, not the ESV translation itself). As prelude to this, I acknowledge … Continue reading

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Global Study Bible (ESV) Part 1

Yesterday I visited a Christian book store and discovered a very recent addition to the ESV lineup of Bibles: Global Study Bible [GSB] (2012). This review is an initial impression of the GSB, not of the ESV translation. Goal of … Continue reading

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Another Challenge of NKJV

As much as I like the NKJV, there are some challenges in using it. The first challenge, as mentioned in the last post, is the use of biblish (words used only in church settings that are unfamiliar or different than … Continue reading

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Other Translations: NKJV

It seems appropriate to examine a few other translations that could be useful in this search. Thus, I will consider NKJV and NAS95. And then a quick look at a couple more recent ones: CEB (Common English Bible) and NABRE … Continue reading

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