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A blog on Translations in Devotional Reading

Because this blog covers more topics than just Bible translations, I have decided to start a new blog, specifically for looking at translations for use in devotional study. The blog: Devotional Reading of the Bible Here is the first post: … Continue reading

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Devotional Reading: HCSB

Until now, my examination of the HCSB has involved selected texts, which I compared to the Hebrew OT and Greek NT. In many ways, the HCSB is better than NIV and ESV. Also, I evaluated HCSB as an oral translation … Continue reading

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False prophets/teachers: now what?

Who’s Sleeping? In my devotional reading a couple days ago I read 2 Peter 2, which I have read many, many times over the past 37 years. Reading this time, specifically vs. 3 stood out; and then 2 Peter 3:18 … Continue reading

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Further reflecting: Now, not yet

Ann Voskamp reflects: The Truth about Sandy Hook: Where is God when Bad Things Happen? Dustin Parker provides perspective: Can Life Return to Normal? Emily Cook, a mother of six, reflects: Brain fog and a tired heart Yesterday in morning worship we heard … Continue reading

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tenderhearted in turmoil

I’m not going to comment directly on the events of the last 24 hours—much has been written, some very good, and some unhelpful at best. I don’t have a direct connection with anyone from the events yesterday. But in a … Continue reading

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time of prayer

O Lord, our hearts are heavy because of the violence and deaths in Connecticut. This is beyond our capacity to fully understand. But more importantly, Lord, there are many families who need support, love, comfort, in the midst of their … Continue reading

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HCSB and GW: What’s missing?

Worship/Lectionary Bible In September 2012 we began using the Narrative Lectionary. My plan was to use HCSB and GW as the translations printed in the bulletin and read orally in worship. I used one translation for one month, then the … Continue reading

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