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I am trying to catch up with some reading. Here is a list of recent posts that are worth your time. I may not agree with everything written, but each of these posts cause me to think, and re-think some important issues. The list is too short; there many more blogs, but this gives a glimpse of what is being written for our benefit.

Dr. Jack Kilcrease addresses the important topic of legalism and its influence and seduction within the church.

Some thoughts from Katie, a young woman on the mission field:

Joy Bennett offers some deep, personal reflection on shame and its effect on Christian.

Emily Cook gives us a perspective on the transition from one year to the next.

Pastor Steve Bauer offers an excellent sermon on Epiphany.

Debbie Bonilla came out of a life of addiction, despair, and hopeless. The last three years have seen God bring her salvation through Jesus Christ. The resulting changes in her life are not superficial. As she writes about the plans she had for suicide, she realizes God had something far better.

Pastor Scott Geminn challenges us to reconsider the fringe people in our lives and churches.

Thanks to each of these people for challenging my thinking, for opening their lives on the good and the bad, and for helping me reflect on who God is and what He is doing.

One more, I forgot, but so important! Read about Jacque Watkins and her life story. Here is part 12


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