Flags in Churches


This is well written and reasoned post about the flag and in its place (or non-place) in the sancturary. Too often these kinds of decisions come from outside Lutheran theology. This is one of the most sensitive pieces I have seen. Here is the second last paragraph:

Finally, it is important to understand that the Church is universal and transcends nation and tribe.  The Lord reveals His Church to be from “every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages.”  The Church is not contiguous with any national jurisdiction.  And Lutheran Christians can traverse the planet and can feel right at home in the Divine Service in the presence of their brothers and sisters in Christ (in the very presence of Christ) even if the language of the Mass is unknown to the worshiper.  There is no American Church, German Church, Russian Church, Kenyan Church, or Icelandic Church.  There is only one holy catholic and apostolic Church, a “holy nation” that knows no boundaries, but spans the globe and transcends time itself, even unto eternity.

Well done!


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