Sugar and other things

In about four hours I will mark eight days without conscious sugar. I say conscious, because sugar seems to be an additive in everything. Basically I have not had candy, pie, cake, cookies, etc., and the biggie CHOCOLATE in eight days. Last April I had the last of any soda/pop (whatever you want to call it). So this is my next step.

Overall, it has gone well. Day five was the hardest, just because my habits of study, reading, and computer work were associated with having one of the forbidden items around, like CHOCOLATE! I did have a slight headache that afternoon, but nothing like I have experienced in the past.

I like juice, and have been drinking lemonade (from frozen), which has some sugar in it. But the good news (bad news?) is that in the last month I seem to have become allergic to lemonade. So that may not be a problem giving up. Although I sure do like the taste of it.

So what is next?

I think I can focus on heaven and begin dreaming of the day when this world passes away, and all its temptations. And there in heaven will be: something like this cake, just waiting for me. I can eat five pounds of it, and not gain a single pound. Better than now where I smell this and gain three pounds.

Do I have a goal for all this? Yep, feel better. Lose some weight (not telling how much), walk regularly, and enjoy life more.


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2 thoughts on “Sugar and other things”

  1. Rich, that’s very impressive. I have the same habit, caffeine or sugar, associated with computer work. Not a good idea! Proud of you.


  2. Rich, I am impressed at your ability to withstand the temptation. I am working too on living a healthier lifestyle. My issue is more portion control. My doctor told me that one ounce of DARK chocolate per day was an acceptable “treat” as long as it’s a reward for eating healthy each day.


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