A few places to remember

I grew up in northern Minnesota. On vacation now, I have traveled to a few places that bring back memories of childhood.

Grandparents homestead
Grandparents homestead

This photo shows the site where my grandparents homesteaded in 1931 (moving from Iowa). About 50 feet from where I am standing they had a one-room tar paper shack where they and my father lived. Then there was an old garage. When my step-grandfather died (he was born in 1872) in 1953, my father built a house about a ¼ mile from our house. He moved the garage to the new house. In 1971 when Cindy and I were married, we lived in that house for six months.

To the left side of the photo is a stand of pine trees planted in the 1960’s. Prior to that we had put up hay from the field, stacking it in the old house. I loved those tall, wide pine trees. The wind blowing through the branches was such a pleasant, calming sound.

Between Pokegama Lake and Little Pokegama Lake
Between Pokegama Lake and Little Pokegama Lake

This was the waterway between the two lakes. We road our bikes here (dirt roads only!) about 4 miles from home. Sadly, the waterway has been overgrown with plant life and is not nearly as accessible.

We fished many hours off the bridge (where the photo is taken), catching sunfish, bluegills, and occasionally bass and bullheads. Sometimes my father, or more likely my grandfather, would take us to Little Pokegama and catch some nice northerns and walleyes

Old farming equipment
Old farming equipment

Came across this scene in the pasture of one of our neighbors. Quite a collection of old farming machinery. I had used most of those when farming in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The pull-hay cutter had an extremely sharp blade and could slice off a finger with little movement. The dump rake was the predecessor of the side delivery rake. My first memory of the dump rake was my father driving the 1931 steel wheeled Case tractor and my mother riding on the dump rake.

Great family
Great family

And of course, family visits! Our son, DIL, four of five grandchildren and great-grandson. What a delight they are!! Our oldest grandson stayed home to continue working this summer. Miss him, but understand that they all grow up (far too soon!).

Today we will all get to ride horses and see how much our seats can endure.

Author: exegete77

disciple of Jesus Christ, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, teacher, and theologian

2 thoughts on “A few places to remember”

  1. Know you are enjoying this time. The memories of our childhood are so precious; even though they included lots of work. The memories we make now with our kids/grandchildren/great grandchildren are the ones they will recall. Praying that all their memories are fond ones and that we give thanks to our Creator for the joy of family!


  2. Those pictures are reminding me of the farm where my grandfather grew up. When we interred his ashes in the pioneer cemetery in 2006, we visited the homestead and with the permission of the current landowner, we explored the old farmhouse and the area. It gave me some perspective on the stories he would tell, especially in my last visit with him before he passed — when something would agitate him, my mom would ask him to tell her about some aspect of the homestead and he would instantly relax as he described it.


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