HCSB Reading God’s Story


I have been using this resource for several months for daily devotional reading of the Bible. I like many aspects of it. The amount of reading per day is reasonable, following a chronological approach to Biblical events.

I will not comment on the HCSB translation because I have done that elsewhere on this blog.

The focus of the post today is the format, and specifically one aspect of the format.

Formatting the Bible

One of the unusual aspects of this particular Bible is that it is divided according to Acts and Scenes, like a play. Act 1 presents creation through the flood. Act 2 presents God’s call of His people (Genesis 12-Malachi 4). Act 3 presents the New Testament. I follow the logic and appreciate that kind of division. 2013-10-11 HCSB Daily03

But therein lies the problem. If you want to find a particular chapter of the Bible or keep track as you read, there is no easy way to do this. For instance, in this photo, notice that the identical Act/Scene information is on each facing page.

That duplicate information really is not helpful. A more helpful use of the headers is to have the Act/Scene information on the left facing page (even numbered pages), and then the running header on the right facing page (odd numbered pages) that would provide the book and chapter information.

This change would allow the reader to have the advantage of the Act/Scene division and at the same time have the more traditional rendering of book and chapter information.

Obviously in this photo example it is rather easy to determine the book (if you know the Bible books). There are only two books that have at least 63 chapters, Psalms and Isaiah. But if some are reading through the Bible for the first time, that knowledge may not be at hand.



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