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Reading Greek

Learning Greek I had taught myself Greek back in 1980 and 1982 (while still in the Navy) prior to going to Seminary. I used Machen’s book and had a copy of UBS 3rd edition. While I could have passed an … Continue reading

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Two New HCSB Bibles

During the past two weeks I purchased two more editions of the HCSB translation (both were on sale!). This review is only on the layout, design, workmanship, etc. In a later post I will cover the specifics of the notes … Continue reading

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The Dividing Line

The Dividing Line John 1:1-18 A dividing line signifies many things. As a kid I remember drawing a line with my foot in the dirt. That was a dividing line of turf (whether in sport or serious dispute). It divided … Continue reading

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What color is your Christmas?

One of my favorite secular “Christmas seasonal” songs is by Elvis Presley, “Blue Christmas.” It brings back memories from many decades of my life. It’s easy to be side tracked with family gatherings, anticipation of presents, fun parties, and maybe … Continue reading

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Pray for Persecuted Christians

Sometimes we lived isolated lives. Despite the internet, cell phones, instant communication, we either ignore or never see what many Christians are facing. Prayers for Christians in Syria We have a Syrian (Orthodox Christian) group of people in our area. … Continue reading

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