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Beatitudes in HCSB

In the Narrative Lectionary this is the year in which the Gospel According to Matthew is highlighted. One aspect of my preparation each week is to look at several translations (NAS, NIV, GW, HCSB, NKJV are the usual ones). This … Continue reading

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Bible Review: Modern English Version – Pt 2

Read the first part of the review here. Obviously this review is very selective. I have read certain portions of MEV, and my wife and I have used it for devotional reading the past week. This is a preliminary review … Continue reading

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Bible Review: Modern English Version part 1

MEV Thinline Reference published by Passio, with the MEV ©2014 by Military Bible Association. This is the first of two posts regarding the Modern English Version Bible. In this post I will examine the external issues (cover, typeface, paper, etc.) In … Continue reading

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Book Review: Invitation to Philippians

Sunukjian, Donald R. Invitation to Philippians: Building a Great Church Through Humility (Biblical Preaching for the Contemporary Church). Weaver Book Company, 2014. I read many books. I try to find ones that will enhance what I know, broaden my perspective, … Continue reading

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My grandmother

My grandmother. On January 6, my grandmother would have been 105 years old. That amazes. She died in 1984 (age 74), but she seemed much older for most of what I remember of her (from 1952-1984). Although she was young … Continue reading

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