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Christ Calls to Calvary 1

Christ Calls to Calvary… That’s the title of the series of sermons for midweek Lenten services. The various weekly themes finish that statement: …the Faithful, Luke 18:31-33 …the Fallen, Matthew 26:50 …the Erring, Luke 22:61 …the Worldly, John 18:34-37 …the … Continue reading

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Kay’s Shoes

[One of my friends posted a while ago. This is her second guest post] Kay’s mother was a high school cheerleader, popular and pretty. In her mind she had a bright future until she discovered she was pregnant. This child was the end … Continue reading

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Forgiveness in the Church

How does the Church live together day in and day out? It isn’t programs, musicians, leadership, spiritual giftedness. Rather the Church lives and breathes in the environment of forgiveness. There is no short-cut, not a handy bypass to avoid dealing … Continue reading

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”Testament” or “covenant”

We began our Lent observance on Ash Wednesday, which leads to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. The central place of the Lord’s Supper within the worshiping community is highlighted throughout Lent and culminates in Maundy Thursday. I serve a congregation … Continue reading

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Growing to maturity

This last weekend in our makeup session for Ephesians we translated and studied Ephesians 4:1-16. The theme of Ephesians is “in Christ,” which permeates each section of the letter. Not only is 4:1-16 the transition from the doctrinal foundation (1:1-3:21) … Continue reading

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Lutheran-Protestant Differences

This basics elements of this post originally appeared in April 2012. It was part of a series on “Searching for a Church.” I have modified it to fit the context of Sasse’s quotes and the distinction between Lutheran and Protestant in … Continue reading

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“Incomplete” Lutherans

The book, Here We Stand: Nature and Character of the Lutheran Faith, reflects Sasse’s battle against the Protestant attempt to present a unified statement of faith against the Nazi movement in Germany in the 1930’s. From the Protestant view, all … Continue reading

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