Update on my health

In July 2017 I fell [backwards] on a sidewalk. I broke my shoulder. (https://exegete77.wordpress.com/2017/08/10/time-for-nothing-and-yet-for-much/) That has been prominent in my life since then. Obviously the pain and recovery has taken a long time. And I notice that my balance is not quite right. I have had some near falls because my balance was not right. I have now learned how to brace myself and take extra precautions.


My fall in July 2017 left me with a broken shoulder and a few other problems. One of the more consequential problems is with my memory over the past 17 months, namely gaps in my memory. For a while I thought it was just a passing problem, but it is not. In early 2018 I had the neurologist test me, and nothing was noticeable except Vitamin D deficiency.

In teaching seminary classes I began to notice that sometimes a theologian’s name or book title would escape me. Usually not a problem as others would chime in with the info. Helpful and understanding students.

Now Personal

But in the past few months the memory blanks have become personal. In June when on vacation we visited family, and I spoke with my niece. I stopped her in one conversation and asked: “What is your son’s name?” I was shocked that I asked her but even more that I couldn’t even continue in the conversation until I asked.

Then 3 weeks ago our son stopped by and stayed over night. I had to stop him in our conversation and ask “What is your oldest daughter’s name?” The scary thing is when we lived near each other and they even lived with us for a couple years, their oldest daughter was best buds with me. And now, to not remember her name??? Disconcerting, indeed!

Not sure what is the next step, but the long term implications of this could be significant.

Next steps?

Author: exegete77

disciple of Jesus Christ, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, teacher, and theologian

5 thoughts on “Update on my health”

  1. You are courageous to share these things. We wonder with you about the future. At the same time we remember and remind you that the Lord lovingly holds your future just as He always has. Psalm 146 has been on my mind a lot lately. Who are we going to trust? Better be the Lord. Grace to you.


  2. Understand that this would be quite concerning to you. We have always been amazed at how readily you were able to recall things and give direction when teaching classes ( note I said direction, not answers). Your “computer” must surely have been working overtime all these years. We have all been blessed with your ability to teach and inspire us to learn more.
    So, now, things may change a bit. Be sure to stay in contact with the neurologist for input. But more than that we know you are in constant contact with the ONE who has known us from the beginning. HE has many names and you know them all….and HE has many children and knows each one by name. HE will never forget!
    Thank you for sharing this news with us; we continue to pray that GOD continues to direct your path and that you find comfort in that knowledge.


  3. Pastor Rich: God Bless You as you work through the scary possibilities these memory lapses must stir up. I have felt these lapses a lot since I struck my head back in 2015 in a fall in my garage. I really noticed the problems a lot during the stress filled times with my family that accompanied the time I was taking Ephesians with you. I am much more at peace now that I’ve made the decision to retire and not pursue Chaplaincy. I only regret not finishing the program, but it no longer care. I never had your great memory, so I can’t imagine the impact the gaps must have on your confidence. You are in my prayers. Your Brother in Christ, Oly


  4. Heavenly Father, we lift our brother Rich up to you. He has experienced a great deal over the past 17 month and it doesn’t appear to be letting up. Though he is learning to gain his balance, there are still times that he feels that his balance is not where he wants. His memory lapses are another concern for him as he is forgetting key names of people that he has had relationships with in the past. Comfort his mind and heart Lord and remind him that you are still in control. Help Rich to consult with his doctors as he sees the need and let them help him to regain some self-control if it be your will. If not your will then we ask that you would help Rich with the Serenity to know what he can’t change. the courage to change the things he can and the wisdom to know the difference. we ask this all in the name of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


  5. I live in a over 55 community where many of us are close to eighty years old. Most everyone assumes that we have memory lapses. I have noticed the main problem I have is NAMES. Names of people and things. I have a friend who is also a retired RN with lots of experience. We discuss illnesses and technical aspects of medicine with the greatest depth and accuracy, and then look at each other and say, “What’s that called?” Then we go home and google it to find the answer. Many of us can’t remember names of people we have known for a long time. Sometimes I think the stress of not remembering a name makes it happen more often. It does seem to be a common problem among us older folks. My reasoning ability and decision making seem better than ever. I remember bible passages and which book their from better than I ever did. I can sight read music better than ever. My point is memory problems among older people usually don’t mean you can’t remember anything. We also learn tricks to help us remember. Keeping up with the medical aspects of your health will insure you get treatment quickly to reverse and/or slow declining memory while trusting in the Lord to be with you through all your aging problems is the advantage we Christians have. My Pastor and a few of our church members have devotions with people in the memory unit of one of our nursing homes. Many with even advanced disease still sing joyfully and know the hymns by heart!


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