On the night when He was betrayed

The Passover meal with the family had been a Jewish custom for centuries. It was a time for the family to gather, to hear the story of God’s deliverance of His people. He used 10 plagues to force the Egyptians to release them from captivity. (Exodus 7-11). Then God gave them the Passover feast toContinue reading “On the night when He was betrayed”

Transfiguration Sunday

This Sunday marks the end of Epiphany (“showing forth”) season. The season moves from the showing forth who the baby Jesus is (Matthew 2:1–12), His presentation at the temple (Luke 2:22–40), revealing who Jesus is at His baptism (Matthew 3:13–17), John’s proclamation (John 1:29–34) and the first disciples following Jesus (John 1:35–51), and Jesus begins HisContinue reading “Transfiguration Sunday”

Peace—in a time of little peace

Peace— that elusive sense of everything being okay… or at least long enough for the headache to pass. Where are you looking for peace? Changed circumstances? Changed people? Changed economy? We find more people looking for peace, yet not finding anything more than a too-soon-passing respite from work, family, friends… God sent his Son, Jesus Christ,Continue reading “Peace—in a time of little peace”

The Liturgy of S(p)orts

The Liturgy of S(p)orts © 1989, 2010 Psalm 122:1 “I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the LORD.’” What an interesting insight the psalmist gives to worship. He rejoices to go to Yahweh’s (the LORD’s) house! Is that true today? Perhaps some of us quietly admit thatContinue reading “The Liturgy of S(p)orts”

Additional Thoughts on #Prayer-Survivors-Conquerors

This last week as I was struggling with some sickness, I let slip a day or two of prayers for the women who were abused by Larry Nassar. I had gone 87 days following that pattern. Yet I missed two days last week.  The sickness wasn’t life threatening for me by any stretch. But withContinue reading “Additional Thoughts on #Prayer-Survivors-Conquerors”

Body and Blood—”given and shed for you”

Palm Sunday follow up Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday caused quite a stir.  Many were involved in proclaiming the praises due to Jesus. “Hosanna. loud Hosanna!” “Come, save us!” was their declaration. But are they ready for that salvation? In the three days since then, Jesus teaches the people in the temple area.Continue reading “Body and Blood—”given and shed for you””